Mette AA Gardel

Mette AA Gardel


Once I saw a picture of two older woman kissing. It shocked me - first of all that I was going to be old identifying as a lesbian but also, that I had never seen the image before. Why? The first generation after Second World War of LGBT persons is soon to die. A whole unique history is soon going to the grave with them. Passion and zest of life in a time of oppression can give us all keys to understand what freedom is.


As a documentary film director Mette Aakerholm Gardell topics are often about identity and the sense of belonging or not. From a privileged point of view, as she sees it, with the references in being a lesbian woman, she uses the unique perspective, limitations and possibilities, to question something much deeper in human existence. LIVING.LOVING is her third feature length documentary. NOT A MAN IN SIGHT (2012) and DADDY'S LOVE (2010) is Aakerholm Gardell's previous TV and festival films.

Films Selection

  • Living.Loving (Leva.Älska) - 2018
  • Not a Man in Sight - 2012
  • Daddy's Love - 2010