Aboozar Amini

Aboozar Amini


Like every individual on this planet, every film has its own soul too. We should never try to change the soul of the film to fit to any business model but the other way around.    


Aboozar Amini (1985, Afghanistan) was the favorite storyteller amongst the children of Himalaya Mountains. He immigrated to the Netherlands as a teenage boy and followed the Dutch education system. In 2010 Aboozar graduated from the Gerirt Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam with the graduation film KABULTEHREANKABUL that was granted the Wildcard 2010 prize by the Dutch Film Funds. His second documentary ON THE STRING OF FORGETFULNESS won the Servin Blanchet Award at the Human Rights FF in Kabul Afghanistan in 2013 and the price for the best documentary film at Afghan Documentary FF Stockholm in 2014. Supported by eight international scholarships, Aboozar was able to follow his MA in film making in 2012-2015 at the renowned London Film School (LFS) where theories of the aesthetic language of film go hand in hand with practice the process of making films under supervision of well-known filmmakers such as Mike Leigh and his team. His short fiction film ANGELUS NOVUS was selected for the IFF Rotterdam 2015. His film WHERE IS KURDISTAN (2016) was commissioned by IFFR. His latest film KABUL, CITY IN THE WIND (2018) won Special Jury Award for First Appearance at IDFA and NEXT:WAVE Award at CPH:DOX. His Afghan origin plays an important role in his work.

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