Daan Bakker

Daan Bakker


I have an urge to ridicule things that bother me, like insecurity, depression or anxiety, because I want to make them less powerful.    


Daan Bakker was born in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, on May 1979. He decided in 1995, after visiting an open day, that he wanted to attend the Netherlands Film and TV Academy. He was 16 and, because he thought he was too young, he did other things first. After playing in a Peruvian TV series, briefly studying film and television, training for theatre and a couple of years loafing around, he decided the time had come and made a short film to be admitted to the directing course. In 2009, he graduated with JACCO'S FILM, which was selected for the Berlinale. In 2010 his short BUKOWSKi was also an international success. Between 2011 and 2014, Daan worked as a story editor, and co-wrote an award-winning feature, A CHRISTMOOSE STORY, also nominated for the Berlinale’s bestfilm award in 2014.

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