The Mo Brothers

The Mo Brothers


Beyond the surface Killers will no doubt claw its way to revel deeper into the very questionable nature of violence, the ever-imploding paradox of what makes us so attached and fascinated with our own violent nature when we despise and dread it so.    


The Mo Brothers, Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel, met in Sydney in 2002, sinch when they have been making short films together. They both graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Sydney, taking film production course. In 2004, Timo journeyed to New York to pursue freelance work while taking a yearlong directing course at the New York Film Academy, while Kimo went back to Indonesia to start his production company. Eventually in 2007, they worked together to bring something new and fresh to the Indonesian film Industry. They focused on Horror and Thriller genre.
Under the moniker of The Mo Brothers, Timo and Kimo finished a feature film-prototype short film titled DARA (2007), and the film traveled to various genres oriented film festivals around the globe.
By 2008 they shot what would eventually be lauded as the first true South East Asian slasher film titled MACABRE a.k.a. RUMAH DARA(2009). It aimed to bring freshness to the local horror film market, which then put too much focus on supernatural powers.

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