Eddie Cahyono

Eddie Cahyono



Eddie Cahyono was born in Jogjakarta, Indonesiam in 1977. He started by making some short films and all of them garnered many awards in many international film festivals. In 2010, he made his first feature-length film LET'S DANCE!. He is a graduate of the Indonesian Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, is known for shorts such as BETWEEN PAST AND PRESENT (2001) and CEWEK SAWERAN (2011). In 2014, his second film Siti won the Best Performance Award at the Singapore International Film Festival and Best Scriptwriter Asian New Talents Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Udine Far East Festival and Telluride Film Festival 2015. IMAH is his third feature-length film project. His accolades include Best Short Film at the Indonesian Independent Film-Video Festival and Bali International Film Festival, and an Akira Kurosawa Short Film Competition nomination.

Films Selection

  • Siti - 2014
  • Cewek Saweran - 2011
  • Between Past and Present - 2001