Juan Carlos Lucas

Juan Carlos Lucas



Juan Carlos Lucas was born in Argentina in 1978 and settled in Paraguay in the year 2000.

He studied at the Professional Institute of Arts and Communication Sciences (IPAC) and received a degree in Social Communication.

Executive Producer and Director of the production company Tekoha Audiovisual, a company that produces materials for television, documentary films and works for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foundations and training workshops.

Executive Producer of the documentary in Development: FECHA FELIZ by Sofia Paoli Thorne. 

In terms of production experience, he started as producer of CHE VALLE and MARCADOCUATROPE and TEMBI'U RAPE (Selection of the TAL awards - Innovative Program) by Sofía Paoli Thorne. Coordinator of the documentary workshop in conjunction with the North American Embassy and the Documentary Association of Paraguay with the Panamanian-American director Anayansi Prado. He worked in the production and editing of numerous television programs.

Assistant Director of the Documentary FUERA DE CAMPO by Hugo Giménez (Winner of DOCTV Latin America IV), 2012.

Camara and editing of the documentaries HENDYA YVA and YVY PEROME by Miguel Armoa, 2014; "Detrás de Curuguaty" by Daniela Candia. 2010

Founding member of DocPy (Paraguayan documentary makers); Member of the Cooperativa de workers de comunicación Atycom Ltda.


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