Julio Hernández  Cordón

Julio Hernández Cordón


I search for real stories to tell, and want my work to reflect the place where I come from. I combine these elements with my point of view and imagination to create stories that could only be told in Guatemala.    


Born in 1975 in North Carolina to a Mexican father and a Guatemalan mother, Julio Hernández Cordón studied educational Communication and Journalism at the University Rafael Landivar in Guatemala. He further developed his vocation for filmmaking at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in Mexico City. He directed his first short, KM 31, in 2003 and his first feature film, GASOLINE, which won the Horizontes Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2008. MARIMBAS FROM HELL (2010) earned him the Grand Jury Prize at the Miami Film Festival. In 2009, he started developing POLVO at the Résidence du Festival of Cannes while HASTA EL SOL TIENE MANCHAS premiered in 2012 at the Marseille International Documentary Film Festival (FID). In 2015 his feature I PROMISE YOU ANARCHY was selected to screen in the International Competition at Locarno FF.

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