Andrei Creţulescu

Andrei Creţulescu


Somebody once said that the best way to write a film review is to make a film. I became a film critic because I loved watching, analyzing and understanding film. In a sense, when I'm directing, I'm doing the same thing.    


A former film critic, Andrei Crețulescu started his career as a producer and launched Kinosseur Productions in 2011. He then directed the shorts BAD PENNY and KOWALKSKI, a 17-minute short film with continuous dialogue and a zero camera movement, shot in one take. His third short, RAMONA, selected at La Semaine de la Critique in 2015 (Canal+ Award for Short Film) is a Gothic, choreographic, seventies-inspired genre film without dialogue, led by an explosive blond heroine. Andrei directed his fourth short, SEVEN MONTHS LATER, and is currently working on his first feature, CHARLTON HESTON.

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