Fabianny Deschamps

Fabianny Deschamps



Born in 1975, Fabianny Deschamps studied theater in its theoretical and practical aspects for 12 years, in companies of creation, then at the Conservatory, the Cours Florent and the University, and then she focused on the staging.

She started in theater as an actress and assistant to the director, and in cinema as a set decorator and assistant director, before making her own short films: first works related to video art, then fictions, like STORIES OF BONSAI. in 2001 (35mm, 17 minutes). She met, during the film, producer Nathalie Trafford, who then produced three other short films : IN MY BOSOM (35mm, 18 minutes), THE DEEP END (35mm, 18 minutes) and THE EDGE (35mm, 18 minutes), which have been broadcasted on France 2, and received several awards in international festivals. After long resided in Portugal and China, she is currently developing her second feature film RAPACES, with Oriflammes.

In addition to her activities as a writer and director, Fabianny Deschamps worked as a reader and screenplay consultant for CNC and Canal +. She is preparing for 2014 a series of installations and performances for the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Porto Santo, Portugal, and a theater project around Elena Ceausescu with her company “the lost boys”.

In 2016, her feature film ISOLA was selected for the ACID-section in Cannes.

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