Isabella Eklöf

Isabella Eklöf


At the core of #MeToo is a reckoning with the expectation that women should shut up about the things that have been done to them. Sweeping it under the carpet because it's too private, too intimate and shameful to share publicly. I find it fascinating to shine a light under that carpet.    


Originally from Sweden, Isabella Eklöf obtained a BA in Film Directing from the University of Gothenburg in 2007, the focus of which was on arthouse filmmaking. In 2011, she then graduated from the Danish Film School’s more hands-on Directing Programme in Copenhagen.
Eklöf has directed 11 short films, several of which have been screened on the international film festival circuit. In 2012, she received the Bisballeprisen, a prestigious Danish art prize, for her graduation film NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND. HOLIDAY marks her feature directorial debut with support from the Danish Film Institute.

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