Dominic Gagnon

Dominic Gagnon


To me, making a film or a video is ritualistic. I get really alienated in the process myself, and by overexposing myself to a lot of information, I get kind of info-drunk, paranoid and scared myself.    


Dominic Gagnon is an inventor, director, installer and active performer on the international scene. He considers cinema as a technique for measuring the immeasurable or as a discipline of chaos. Since 1996, he has made public presentations of moving images, invent machines and concepts, performs sound works, built facilities and creates performances in various galleries, festivals and biennials around the world. To carry out his projects, Gagnon has conducted several researches about: the decline of economies (ISO, 2002), terror (DU MOTEUR A EXPLOSION, 2000) violence and identity crisis among boys (THE MAKING OF A COBRA, 2004), the international adoption systems (ANCHORAGE, 1998), information disorder and homelessness (HIGH SPEED, 2007), Sado-Masochism and fetishism in popular culture (BLOCKBUSTER HISTORY, 2005) and the family in the era of mega-entertainment (BELUGA CRASH BLUES, 1997). His most recent film GOING SOUTH, will have its world premiere at Visions du Réel 2018.

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