Serge Giguère

Serge Giguère


What is most important to me is to surprise myself in the gradual organization of chaos that is emerging from my texts, which, I hope, will ultimately converge harmoniously. I want to remain a wide-awake daydreamer for as long as possible.    


Serge Giguère is a leading Québec documentary filmmaker. In the course of a career spanning over 30 years, he has directed 11 documentaries and acted as cinematographer on 60-odd films. Born in 1946 in Arthabaska, Serge Giguère obtained an undergraduate arts degree from Université Laval, a certificate of general studies in art history from the Université de Montréal, and a specialized diploma in cultural development in art history from the Université du Québec à Montréal. After working as an assistant cameraman, in particular for Pierre Perrault, Arthur Lamothe, Bernard Gosselin and Gilles Groulx, he became a cameraman and turned to filmmaking in 1974, founding with Robert Tremblay Les Films d’aventures sociales du Québec, a production company devoted to the development of films that take a critical look at the social system. In 1984, he joined with Sylvie Van Brabant to establish Les Productions du Rapide-Blanc, through which he produced all of his subsequent films, except for The Megaphone Reel and Suzor-Coté, produced by the National Film Board of Canada. Serge Giguère possesses the rare ability to reveal the remarkable dimension of seemingly simple characters endowed with great creative energy with whom he associates over long periods. He focuses on workers, artisans, those he calls “remarkable neglected individuals,” people on the fringes and eccentrics who are characters in life and confirm that the documentary goes beyond fiction. The filmmaker-portraitist's favourite subjects are inventive individuals engaged in perpetual poetic slip-ups who rely on their talent and imagination to escape conventionality, labels and the blues. He collects their everyday gestures with infectious admiration, tenderness and respect, then lets the pages of history reveal the intimate universe of these individuals driven by passions and compassion, who persevere, commit themselves, and reveal a society whose aspirations and disappointments they express.

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