Hélène Cattet

Hélène Cattet


We had two different backgrounds and giallo was the cinema which permitted us to do movies together because it unifies two kinds of cinema: entertainment and experimental. Laissez bronzer les cadavres is like L’étrange couleur: no psychology, all action. In that sense, it is important that the novel was written in 1970. There are always waves of progress and regression in what people find acceptable, so maybe audiences or producers simply are no longer accustomed to this approach.    


Hélène CATTET (1976, France) met her husband Bruno Forzani in 1997 in Bruxelles. Both were never educated in Film but made their first short together after saving money. In 2009 they directed their first feature AMER, which won numerous prizes including the Diploma Película Discovery in the New Visions section at Sitges. Shortly after they participated in the ABCs OF DEATH (2012) anthology. Their second feature THE STRANGE COLOUR OF YOUR BODY'S TEARS (2013) won also several prizes. LET THE CORPSES TAN (2017) is their third full-length feature film. It premiered in Locarno and went on to have much critical acclaim. Their filmography is inspired by the classic Giallo film, which is a genre of Italian thriller and horror.

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