Chienn  Hsiang

Chienn Hsiang



Chienn Hsiang is a renowned name in the Taiwanese Film Industry as a cinematographer. Hsiang, who always played the unknown hero and the eye of many Taiwan films, has finished his first feature EXIT. Working with famous directors like Chen Yu-Hsun (ZONE PRO SITE), Chang Ai-Chia (20 30 40), Yee Chin-Yen (BLUE GATE CROSSING), he had shown his significant effects to public on those films. His latest work as a cinematographer is ZONE PRO SITE, the biggest blockbuster in Taiwan for the year 2013. In 2011, his first TV film RANGER was nominated for Taipei Awards, after his Short Film THE MONAD in 2012. His first feature EXIT is set to release in Taiwan in early spring 2014.

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