Jean-Charles Hue

Jean-Charles Hue


Who cares if it’s a documentary or a fiction? What matters is finding the right balance between what you want to tell and the way you tell it, using the appropriate community’s codes.    


Artist and video filmmaker in search of his origins, Jean-Charles Hue tries to capture fragments of life and the biographical stories of a Romani/Yeniche family which he has made into a living symbol of a constant metamorphosis of identity. Five short films show this: L'OEIL DE FRED (2007), Y'A PLUS D'OS (2006), UN ANGE (2005), PERDONA MI MAMA et QUOI DE NEUF DOCTEUR (2004). LA BM DU SEIGNEUR (THE LORD'S RIDE) is his first fiction feature. EAT YOUR BONES (2014) world premiered in the Directors' Fortnight at Cannes FF, as did his film TIJUANA TALES (2017) in the 2017 edition of the festival.

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