Thomas Imbach

Thomas Imbach



Thomas Imbach (b. 1962) is an independent filmmaker based in Zurich/ Switzerland. With his production company Bachim Films he produces his own work. All of his films have been released theatrically. He has won numerous awards for his work, both in Switzerland and abroad.

In his work, Imbach has consistently probed the boundaries between film and video, documentary and fiction, cinema tradition and cutting-edge technology. Imbach was one of the first filmmakers to make extensive use of the consumer camcorder (Hi8, DV) for the big screen. At the same time, he continues to blend digital images with classical 35mm film footage. With Well Done (1994) and Ghetto (1997) he established his trademark audio-visual style based on a combination of cinema-verité camerawork and fast-paced computer-controlled editing. Happiness is a Warm Gun (2001) marked a new phase in his career, combining the methods developed in his documentary work with fiction elements and professional actors. Other fiction feature films includes LENZ (2006) and I WAS A SWISS BANKER (2007) all premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. His latest work is MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTTS.

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