Liang-Yin Kuo

Liang-Yin Kuo



Liang-Yin Kuo started her career as a director and producer for Public Television Services, Taiwan and received her MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts.  She produced a biographical documentary on LIN HWAI-MIN, an internationally recognized choreographer and the founder of the Cloud Gate Dance Company, for Discovery's PORTRAITS TAIWAN series. Kuo's SEARCHING FOR THE ZERO FIGHTERS, sponsored by the National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan), won Best Documentary in the Golden Harvest Awards and was broadcast on Taiwanese Public Television's series POV in 2003.


Kuo's recent work, SHONENKO, a feature-length documentary about 8,419 Taiwanese children sent to Japan to manufacture fighter airplanes in Japanese arsenals during the Second World War. SHONENKO won numerous awards in international film festivals and received national awards, such as Grand Prize in Cinema Award (Documentary Division) from Agency for Cultural Affairs (Japan) and Grand Prize in Golden Harvest Awards from Government Information Office (Taiwan).  In 2007, SHONENKO was aired on Public Television Service (PTS, Taiwan) and on Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK, Japan).  


Kuo has received the distinguished Taiwanese Youth Award for contributions to arts and culture in Taiwan from the K Foundation, and the Taiwanese Culture Award for recording Taiwanese history as a documentary filmmaker from the Taipei West Area Rotary Club. After SHONENKO, Kuo’s latest work is a documentary on the Taiwanese Military Education Group from 1950 to 1952.

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