Isaki Lacuesta

Isaki Lacuesta


I make films in which the frontier between documentary and fiction is not very clear, because films are like plays, and I am trying to create the possibility of suspicion for the spectator.    


Isaki Lacuesta (Spain, 1975) has directed six feature films. His most recent film, THE DOUBLE STEPS (2011) won the Golden Seashell at San Sebastián and was screened at MoMA, New York. His others films include the documentary THE CLAY DIARIES (2011, winner of the Golden FIPA at Biarritz 2012); THE DAMNED (2009, FIPRESCI Award in San Sebastián); the documentary ALL NIGHT LONG (2010); THE LEGEND OF TIME (2006), screened in competition at Rotterdam and recognised as the Best Spanish Film of the decade (Rockdelux); and CRAVAN VS CRAVAN (2002) Best First Film of the Year for the Spanish critics.

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