Nikola Ležaić

Nikola Ležaić


I never felt as I lived in some ugly sinkhole ghost town, on contrairy, I always felt as it was the most beautiful place on earth... It's not new to search for the beauty where people usually don't look for it, so I had a very clear refference in the legendary american photographer William Eggleston's work.    


Nikola Ležaić is born in 1981, he's a film writer/director/producer based in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated film directing on the Faculty of dramatic arts in Belgrade, where he works as an assistant professor. His directorial debut TILVA ROŠ is one of the most successful Serbian features of the last decade, it premiered in Sarajevo and Locarno film festivals. In Sarajevo it won the main prize. It was screened in Rotterdam, Warsaw, Buenos Aires, Miami, San Francisco, and over 40 other film festivals, and it won over twenty awards around the world. Itwas nominated for the best debut at 2011 EFA Awards. In 2014 Nikola produced THE DISOBEDIENT, feature film that premiered in Sundance and Rotterdam film festivals. He directed one of the stories of the international online omnibus THE DEVIL'S TOY, created by the Canadian Film Board. Directed over a hundred music and commercial videos. Interested in off-topic stories that don't fit anywhere.

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