Carlos Lechuga

Carlos Lechuga


While absorbed finishing MELAZA, starting to notice I was telling a love story that, in the end, left an optimistic taste in the mouth but that, like molasses, was hiding some bitternes. The bitternes of a tragedy set in the tropics, under a brilliant sun, some green sugar cane and two lovers holding hands.    


Carlos Lechuga (1983, Cuba). Trained as a director at the Institute of Arts and at the International Film School, where he specialised in screenwriting. As a director he has made several award-winning shorts, including LOS BAÑISTAS (2010) and CUCA Y EL POLLO (2006). As a screenwriter, Lechuga has participated in films such as EL EDEN PERDIDO and PENUMBRAS, which won the Best Film Award at the 2013 International Film Festival of Puerto Rico. MELAZA, his first feature film as a writer-director, premiered at the 2013 International Film Festival Rotterdam and won several international awards, including Best Latin American Film at the Málaga Film Festival and Newcomer of the Year at the 2013 International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg. He has recently received the SGAE Julio Alejandro Screenplay Award, which is the most important award for scriptwriters in Latin America and Spain. In 2016 he created his second feature, SANTA & ANDRES.

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