Ivan Marinović

Ivan Marinović


The only way to make an ambitious film on a low budget is to use the obstacles to your advantage.    


IVAN MARINOVIĆ is a multi-award-winning Montenegrin director, screenwriter and producer known for the film THE BLACK PIN (2016). He graduated in industrial design at the Politecnico di Milano University in 2007 and received a master’s degree in film directing at FAMU in 2011. His feature debut THE BLACK PIN premiered in 2016 at the Sarajevo Film Festival’s Competition program. The film featured at over 45 international and regional festivals, where it won ten awards. The film was also a Montenegrin Oscar candidate for 86th Academy Awards. Ivan is a co-writer of HBO Adria show THE ISLAND, which is currently in development. He was a guest lecturer at FAMU Academy, FIOFA Institute in Ohrid, and at Chapman University in California. FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE is his sophomore feature film.

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