Marcelo Martinessi

Marcelo Martinessi


Nowadays, there's a diverse generation eager to tell stories. It's crucial to give way to a cinema that's memory and future. We have a society still fascinated by the possibility of looking at the mirror of the cinematographic screen. The challenge is to make this look reflective, critical and consistent with our history.    


Marcelo Martinessi was the executive director of the first public television channel in Paraguay from the beginning of the project in 2010 until the coup d'état of June 2012. In 2010, he directed the short film ULTIMA STREET. Capturing his nation’s trauma during the political chaos he wrote and directed THE LOST VOICE, which won Best Short Film at Venice Film Festival in 2016. His first feature THE HEIRESSES premiered at the 2018 Berlinale Competition, winning two Silver Bears for the Best Actress Award and the Alfred Bauer Award.

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