Rubén Mendoza

Rubén Mendoza



Runén Mendoza was born in 1980. He graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia's Film and Television Directing School. His studies there included an "Audiovisual Fiction Photography" workshop with Jacques Rubeirollis. Mendoza was one of the original founders of Dia Fragma with whom he has directed and produced several short films such as STATUES! (Honorable Thesis award from the Universidad Nacional), THE FENCE (Production Grant from the Cinemateca Distrital), ANIMAL KINGDOM, THE HOUSE BY THE WINDOW and THE HEART OF LA MANCHA (winner of a Production Grant from the Cinemateca Distrital in 2006). In 2010, his first full-length feature, THE STOPLIGHT SOCIETY, was released. His film WANDERING GIRL (2018) was awarded at several international film festivals.

Films Selection

  • Wandering Girl (Niña errante) - 2018
  • Miss María, Skirting the Mountain (Señorita María: La falda de la montaña) - 2017
  • Dust on the Tongue (Tierra en la lengua) - 2014
  • The Stoplight Society - 2010
  • La Cerca - 2004