Rodrigo Moreno

Rodrigo Moreno


For me, film is an exception, it's different from real life.    


Born in Buenos Aires, Rodrigo Moreno is a director, screenwriter and producer. With EL CUSTODIO, Moreno has won several awards, among them Best Latin American Screenplay at Sundance/ NHK and the Alfred Bauer Preis at 2006 Berlinale. He returned to the official competition at the Berlinale five years later with his second film, A MYSTERIOUS WORLD, which was awarded Best Film in Sao Paulo in 2011. Before these solo films, he had shared two film projects: BAD TIMES (1999), an omnibus film produced entirely by Universidad del Cine (where he studied and now teaches filmmaking) and EL DESCANSO (2001), which was awarded best film at Buenos Aires Film Festival and was co-directed with U. Rosell and A. Tambornino. In 2012 he founded his own company, Compañía Amateur, and produced his third film REIMON, presented in the Big Screen Award Competition of the 2014 International Film Festival Rotterdam. In 2014, with filmmaker Juan Villegas he founded MoVi Cine, a company focusing on productions by new directors. Movi Cine’s first project MENDOZA DIARIES, directed by Lucía Mendoza, was presented at the Mar del Plata Film Festival and Strange Days. The second project was an Argentinian-Colombian film directed by Sebastián Quebrada. Moreno writes for Revista de Cine, a film review published by himself and other filmmakers, such as Mariano Llinas, Sergio Wolf and J. Villegas. LOS DELINCUENTES will be Moreno’s next film, which he will direct and produce.

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