Joyce Nashawati

Joyce Nashawati


I like film to feel like a dream, a nightmare. Dialogue is not a very strong dream axis. Settings, costumes, sound and shot composition are important. I like to work with suspense, tension and mystery. There is also a tendency for paranoia in my work, like reality is something you cannot trust. How can one be sure about anything? I believe a lot in film as a craft and journey, which means it's practice that will guide me more than I will guide it.    


Joyce A. Nashawati grew up between Beirut, Accra, Kuwait and Athens. She studied Film in the UK & Paris where she got a scholarship for a doctoral thesis. She wrote and directed three mystery short films which travelled around festivals: THE UMBRELLA (2008), THE BITE (2010, Best short film at Gerardmer FF), ON LEAVE (2013). The dystopian thriller BLIND SUN is her first feature, which premiered at the Thessaloniki IFF.

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