Nele  Wohlatz

Nele Wohlatz


We cannot really know who we are, and therefore I prefer it when actors don’t try and interpret their role as such — I feel cheated sometimes by over-explanation. It’s much more intriguing not to explain everything.

Born in Hannover, Germany, in 1982, Nele Wohlatz studied Set Designing at the HfG Karlsruhe in that country. She directed the short film COUNTRYSIDE LOVERS (2009) and the feature-length film RICARDO BÄR (2013) with Gerardo Naumann. They were followed by THE PERFECT BACKPACK (2014) and THE FUTURE PERFECT (2016), Best First Feature at FF Locarno and New Auteurs Grand Jury Award at the AFI FEST. Recently she has directed THREE SENTENCES FOR ARGENTINA, included in the Argentinian collective work INTERVENED EVENTS (2016).