João Nicolau

João Nicolau


I consider myself a privileged person for having the less boring job in the world: what guides my activity is the principle of pleasure.    


João Nicolau was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and therefore has never understood (nor will he ever) a thing about the Middle East. He works as a film director, film editor, actor and musician. He has directed the features and shorts THE SWORD AND THE ROSE (2010) and JONH FROM (2015) and the short films BIRD OF PREY (2006), SONG OF LOVE AND HEALTH (2009), THE GIFT OF TEARS (2012), A WILD GOOSE CHASE (2013) and JOHN FROM (2015). His films are regularly shown in the most prestigious film festivals: Cannes, Venice, Locarno, São Paulo, Belfort, Vienna, Busan, Buenos Aires, Sevilla, Vila do Conde, Angers, Milan, Montreal, Mar del Plata, Belo Horizonte, Valdivia, Rome, Sarajevo, among others.

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