F.J. Ossang

F.J. Ossang


I hope to show that a cinema of poetry and fantastical adventure is possible, better: necessary...    


Filmmaker, writer and musician (MKB Franction provisoire), F.J. Ossang made 4 feature lenght films (among them Docteur Chance with Joe Strummer from The Clash). He has published a dozen books and 9 records with his band (MKB Franction provisoire).
Several F.J. Ossang retrospectives were organized in different places: La Rochelle (1998), Bruxelles (1998), Molodist, Kiev (1998), Puchon (1998), Budapest (1999), Fukuoka (1999), La Cinémathèque Française, BAFICI (Buenos Aires Film Festival 2003), Montevideo (2004), Lisbon (2004), Musée du Jeu de Paume (France, 2006), Filmoteca de Madrid (2008), Palic (Underground Spirit Award, 2008), BAFICI (2009).
A DVD-box of his main feature films will be released in January 2011 by Potemkine / Agnès b.
His novel 'Génération Néant' will be translated in Spanish and published in 2011 by Caja Negra Editora, Buenos Aires.

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