Julian Roman Pölsler

Julian Roman Pölsler



Julian Pölsler was born on the Kreuzberg, a mountain overlooking the village of St. Lorenzen in the Paltental, a valley in Styria, Austria. He studied Directing and Production at the Vienna Film Academy as well as Directing and Dramaturgy at the Max Reinhardt Seminar, working among others as the assistant director to Axel Corti. Since 1990 he has been making TV movies and directing for the opera. Furthermore, he holds a teaching position at the Konservatorium of The City of Vienna in the Drama department and at the Institute for Computer Science & Media of the Vienna University of Technology. He lives and works in Vienna and Munich.

Films Selection

  • The Wall (Die Wand) - 2011
  • Anna und der Prinz - 2009
  • Bella Block - 2007
  • Daniel Käfer und die Schattenuhr - 2006
  • Daniel Käfer und die Villen der Frau Hürsch - 2005
  • Hubert von Goisern TRAD 2 - 2004
  • Polterabend - 2003
  • Himmel Polt und Hölle - 2002
  • Blumen für Polt, Sommer und Bolten - 2001