Laila Pakalniņa

Laila Pakalniņa


If cinema didn’t exist, I would have become an ice-cream vendor (which was my first dream profession). But cinema is better than ice-cream!    


Laila Pakalniņa was born in 1962 in Liepāja, Latvia. In 1986 she graduated from the Moscow University, Department of TV Journalism and continued her studies in the Department of Film Direction at the State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow (Russia), graduating in 1991. Laila Pakalniņa is director and scriptwriter of award-winning documentaries (THREE MEN AND A FISH POND (PAR DZIMTENITi, 2008), (33 ANIMALS OF SANTA CLAUS (33 ZVĒRI ZIEMASSVĒTKU VECĪTIM, 2011), shorts (ANNA’S CHRISTMAS (ANNA ZIEMASSVETKI, 1992), WATER (UDENS, 2006) and feature films (THE SHOE (KURPE, 1998), THE PYTHON (PITONS, 2003) and THE HOSTAGE (KILNIEKS, 2006). Her latest documentary SPOON (2019) premieres at KVIFF 2019. 

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