Nicolás Pereda

Nicolás Pereda


I’m not interested in capturing reality; I’m interested in talking about it. Realism and hyperrealism have nothing to do with this.    


Born in 1982 in Mexico, in 2007 Nicolás Pereda wrote, directed and edited his first feature film, WHERE ARE THEIR STORIES?, for which he won the Best Film Award at the Morelia IFF the same year. In 2009 he directed PERPETUUM MOBILE, INTERVIEW WITH THE EARTH, a documentary short, and TOGETHER. His next film, SUMMER OF GOLIATH (2010), won several festival prizes, including the Orizzonti Award at Venice. The same year Nicolás Pereda also made ALL THINGS WERE OVERTAKEN BY SILENCE. MINOTAUR (2015) was selected at Viennale, International Film Festival Rotterdam and in FICUNAM, where he also presented TALES OF TWO WHO DREAMT (2016), co-directed with Andrea Bussmann. His latest film, MY SKIN, LUMINOUS (2019), was co-directed by Gabino Rodríguez and premiered at the Locarno Festival.

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