Katrine Philp

Katrine Philp


To my mind, a good documentarian is open and curious. Trust is the most important thing. If you can offer your subjects the sincere interest you have inside of you, and not be pretentious or fake but open and ready to share something of yourself, people will let you into their lives. You have to create a space of trust and treat your participants properly and respectfully. I would never be able to make a film about someone I didn't like.    


With her background as a designer, Katrine Philp felt the urge to take those visual skills with her and start working with film. She graduated from the National Danish Film School´s documentary department in 2009 with the film, BOOK OF MIRI. BOOK OF MIRI was awarded Winner of ‘Full Frame President’s Award’ at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, USA and Winner of ‘European Young CIVIS Media Prize’, Germany that same year. At Bullitt, Katrine has developed three different documentary projects with a strong social dimension. SUITABLE is a series about a group of refugees who are being selected by the Danish authorities to become Danish citizens and start a new life in Denmark. Another film in development examines the psychiatric system in Denmark while looking at the fine line between what´s normal and not. Since her graduation, Katrine has contributed to Dox:Lab where she collaborated with a Burmesian filmmaker on a film entitled FIVE BEATS BEFORE DEATH.

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