Sonja Prosenc

Sonja Prosenc


In my second film I move away from the socio-political angle that marked my debut feature, but the intimate tale of Iva and her family still derives from a reflection on society: the currently prevalent nihilism, violence, and emotional detachment.    


After she graduated from university, Sonja attended Berlinale and SarajevoTalents, co-founded the Monoo production house, and was selected for TorinoFilmLab. Her award-winning and critically acclaimed first feature THE TREE (2014) was the Slovenian candidate for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Her approach to film language has so far been appreciated by both cinephiles and film critics, and she was described as “a distinctively talented young filmmaker... who can tell a story in a startlingly unconventional manner” by The Hollywood Reporter. Sonja has also been selected among eight notable up-and-coming European female directors by Cineuropa. Her second feature HISTORY OF LOVE (2018), a Slovenian-Italian-Norwegian co-production, has received several development awards and has also been supported by Eurimages.

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