Yannis Sakaridis

Yannis Sakaridis



Yannis Sakaridis was born in Skydra, a small town in the north of Greece, in 1968. At the age of 19, he moved to London to study Photography and History of Art at the London College of Printing and Film, at the University of Westminster. He became member of the legendary London Film Makers Co-Op where he started directing short films, like BUSKERS (1995), SQUADDING IN HACKNEY (1995), DOGKILLERS (1996), MAUSOLEUM (2004), some of which were experimental, like PARIS (1993), DECAY (1996).

After eighteen years in London, he wrote and directed his short film TRUTH (2006), the first one shot in Greece, where he lives since. He co-founded Athens Filmmaker's Co-operative in 2012, an Athens-based non-profit production company, with Venia Vergou (film critic, producer). WILD DUCK (2016) is his first feature film.

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