Vuslat  Saraçoğlu

Vuslat Saraçoğlu


Vuslat Saraçoğlu graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University with a degree in Sociology and International Relations. She went on to study Modern Turkish History at Boğaziçi University, but discontinued her course at the thesis stage. In 2010, she attended the Directors Across Borders section of the Yerevan Golden Apricot Film Festival and the Talent Campus of Sarajevo Film Festival. Her film and literary reviews have been published in various magazines. Her short, KAKOFONI was screened at numerous national and international festivals. In 2013, Saraçoğlu's documentary on the fans of a popular singer, THE CHILDREN OF MUSLUM BABA was shown in many festivals. Vuslat was among the cast and worked as the production coordinator in the feature film "WHY CAN'T I BE TARKOVSKY...” (2014). Her first feature DEBT was granted with The Golden Tulip for the Best Film in the National Competition.

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