Beatriz  Seigner

Beatriz Seigner



Beatriz Seigner is the writer and director of the feature film BOLLYWOOD DREAM (2009), the first coproduction between Brazil and India, selected for almost 20 international film festivals all around the world (Busan, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, São Paulo etc). She was also actress in the film LINHA DE PASSE by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas. She collaborated on the scripts of Daniela Thomas' feature film VAZANTE (2016), Sergio Machado’s feature film TUDO O QUE PASSAMOS JUNTOS (2015) and Hank Levine’s EXODUS. She is also the writer and director of the TV series Enquadro (2016), about Urban Street Art in São Paulo, and the short films UMA MENINA COMO OUTRAS MIL (São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2001), RODA REAL (São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2004), Indias (2005). She is the founder of the film production company Miríade Filmes. Beatriz Seigner's latest feature, LOS SILENCIOS, was selected at the Directors' Fortnight.

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