Moritz Springer

Moritz Springer



Born in 1979 in Starnberg, Moritz Springer lives and works in Berlin and Mecklenburg- Vorpommern. After first acting experiences (advertising and cinema), Moritz completed several internships and worked as an assistant director in Germany and the USA, among others for DIE WILDEN KERLE 3 (Joachim Masannek) and GOZILLA (Roland Emmerich) in the years from 1997 until 2005. Back in Germany he started implementing his own documentaries. The first projects were self- financed or rather without any budget. Back than Moritz, who never went to a filmschool, acquired his own cinematic language.

Films Selection

  • Journey to Jah - 2013
  • Freiheit pur? - 2010
  • Deutsch oder Polnisch - 2010
  • Alle anders ‒ Alle gleich - 2007
  • Wilde Kerle III - 2005
  • Dem Chaos entsprungen - 2003