Enrico Parenti Stefano Liberti

Enrico Parenti Stefano Liberti



Enrico Parenti, is an Italian-American filmmaker, who has lived in U.K, Brazil, U.S.A and studied filmmaking in Barcelona. His feature-length documentary STANDING ARM" was aired by fifteen televisions including Al Jazeera, Rt-tv, Fox, Zdf, History Channel. The film was also released in Japanese movie theaters and is distributed in the U.S through Amazon and Hulu. Since 2004 he makes documentaries, short films, music videos and works regularly with Italian and foreign televisions.

Stefano Liberti is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. He is a contributor to many European magazines, such as Internazionale, Le monde diplomatique, El Pais, Al Jazeera english. He has directed THE HELL OF CHILD-WIZARDS, (2010), CLOSED SEA (2012, co-directed with Andrea Segre) on migration through the Mediterranean and CONTAINER 159 (2013, co-directed with Enrico Parenti) on the biggest Roma camp in Europe as well as many features for tv and radio.

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