Kirsten Tan

Kirsten Tan


What I like about films are that they’re like road trips—moments are worn lightly: every euphoric feeling is short lived, but nothing that hurts lasts forever, too. Holding on to narratives too tightly makes it difficult to live in the present, to see things for what they really are. The road, like time itself, records our experiences as we take wrong turns and right ourselves again, as we speed past landscapes into new territory, always looking at what is before our eyes, which is also, very soon, behind us.    


Kirsten Tan is a writer/director with a penchant for visual storytelling and off-beat humour. Being a bit of an adventurer, Kirsten was raised in Singapore but has lived in South Korea and Thailand before moving to New York City to pursue her Master’s in Film Production at NYU. There she was honored to receive the Tisch School of the Arts Fellowship. Singapore’s national broadsheet, The Straits Times has exhorted her as a “director to look out for”. Her work has been screened in over 40 film festivals, incluting MoMA, Rotterdam, Toronto and Busan. She has received over 10 international awards, including Best Director and Special Jury Prize at the Singapore International Film Festival and a National Prize at the Kodak Film Awards. Her most recent feature screenplay, POPEYE, was one of ten international projects selected to participate in the Berlinale Talents Script Station 2014. In 2017 POP EYE was selected at Sundance and IFF Rotterdam where it won awards. 

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