Nathalie  Teirlinck

Nathalie Teirlinck



Nathalie Teirlinck (1985, Belgium) graduated summa cum laude from the Belgian film school KASK in 2007. Her three short films ANEMONE (2006), JULIETTE (2007) and VENUS VS. ME (2010) were acclaimed at several national and international film festivals. While ANEMONE and JULIETTE were awarded Best Student Film at the International Film Festival of Ghent, ANEMONE was nominated at the Locarno film festival and VENUS VS. ME was awarded a European Film Academy nomination at the Berlinale. She has also directed music videos for renown Belgian bands Novastar and Admiral Freebee, and been involved in theatre with ’Send All Your Horses’, ’Yesterday (or how we felt about the rumour)’ and ’Staring Girl’. Nathalie is currently teaching at the KASK film school and working on her first feature film, TONIC IMMOBILITY.

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