Chang Tso-chi

Chang Tso-chi


Filmmaking isn't rocket science. Your job is merely to visualize what is in your own mind and make other people believe it.    


Chang Tso-chi entered the film industry as an assistant director for Yu Kan-ping and the Hong Kong directors, Yim Ho and Tsui Hark. In 1988, he worked as first assistant director to Hou Hsiao-hsien in A City of Sadness. His directorial debut was AH CHUNG (1996), telling the story of a conflicted young man against the backdrop of Taiwanese shamanist rituals. The film won the Special Jury Prize at Asia-Pacific Film Festival, the New Currents award at Busan International Film Festival, the Best Director prize at Thessaloniki and the Grand Prix du Jury and Best Cinematography prizes at Zhuhai Film Festival in China. His next film DARKNESS IN LIGHT (1999) won the Tokyo Gold Prize (the grand prix at the Tokyo Film Festival) and Best Film and FIPRESCI Award at Singapore Film Festival. THE BEST OF TIMES (2001) was invited into competition in Venice, and went on to win Best Picture and Best Actor prizes at Singapore Film Festival. More recently, SOUL OF A DEMON (2008) was selected as opening film for the Hong Kong Film Festival and invited to Berlin Film Festival’s Panorama section. Chang’s latest film, WHEN LOVE COMES, was given a Gala Presentation at Busan International Film Festival in 2010, and has since swept a shelfful of awards.

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