Valentina Pedicini

Valentina Pedicini


For me, Cinema is an obsession. Faith is an obsessive film, by an obsessive director, on an obsession: the search for purity, good, faith, physical and mental perfection, as is  practiced by “white warrior monks”. Although shot in distant places, these documentaries of mine all have in common man and woman, looking for their place in the world to move away from an imposed fate.

Valentina Pedicini graduated with an honors in directing from the Zelig International School of documentary film. Her works during school years (2007/2010) PATER NOSTER, MIO SOVVERSIVO AMORE (2009) and MY MARLBORO CITY (2010) were selected at numerous national and international festivals. In 2013, the documentary DAL PROFONDO (2013) won the 2012 Solinas Award for Documentary Film and the Rome IFF 2013. It also won the Jury Mention at the Nastri D’Argento 2014 and was in the fifth of the 2014 David di Donatello as Best Documentary. 

In 2016 Valentina shot her first short fiction film ERA IERI (2016). The film was presented at the Venice IFF 2016 in the International Critics' Week section. As the best short film, she won the International Festival of Italian Cinema in Barcelona and was selected for numerous national and international festivals. That same year, she shot her first fiction feature: WHERE THE SHADOWS FALL / DOVE CADONO LE OMBRE (2017), produced by Fandango and Rai Cinema. The film was presented at the Venice IFF 2017 - Giornate degli Autori. It won the New Imaie Talent Award (Federica Rosellini) and the Annecy Audience Award, the film travelled the world to tell an unknown tragedy. 

Her latest work FAITH (2019) had its world premiere in the International Competition at IDFA in Amsterdam and Berlinale IFF (Berlin Critic’s week, 2020). It won Best Documentary at DocsBarcelona 2020. She is currently involved in the writing of her new film.