Virgil Vernier

Virgil Vernier


I want to create a state of trance ... I want to start with realistic elements and reveal what is otherworldly about them.    


Virgil Vernier, born in Paris, has directed films that blend a variety of narratives. His maxim is: antiquity is the future. After having planted his camera at a cop shop in a suburb of Rouen in POLICE STATION (2009), then in front of a nightclub in PANDORE (2010), the filmmaker turned to fiction with ORLEANS (2012), where he crashes into Joan of Arc’s hometown, with its Joan parties and the day-to-day life of a stripper. He carries on in the same vein bringing mythology closer to the contemporary with his feature MERCURIALES, which was selected in ACID (Cannes IFF), FIC Valdivia, Viennale and the Torino Film Festival.

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