Gustavo Vinagre

Gustavo Vinagre


It's very important for me that the viewers have doubts about the film because once they question what they are looking at, they have access to the possibility of doubting life in general. The main reason I make films is precisely this desire to create doubts and reflection on life.    


Gustavo VINAGRE (1985, Brazil) was educated at the EICTV school in Cuba and in Literature at the University of São Paulo. His short films, FILM FOR A BLIND POET (2012) and NOVA DUBAI (2014) both premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. His first feature, I REMEMBER THE CROWS (2018) was awarded the Joris Ivens – CNAP Award & the Young Jury Award at Cinéma Du Réel. His follow-up, a documentary made with Rodrigo Carneiro, THE BLUE FLOWER OF NOVALIS (2019) premiered in Berlinale Panorama.

In his œuvre, Vinagre criticises the lack of love in modern society.

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