Helena Wittmann

Helena Wittmann


Our bodies are involved in this world and the world is involved in our bodies. They are instruments of insight; we sense, feel and experience. Perception precedes truth. I make films to take a deeper look, to listen, to experiment and to share this experience with an audience. In cinema, I have the possibility to create a concentrated space of perception that may lead to very individual paths of thought and cognition. It‘s a sensual matter.    


Helena Wittmann graduated from the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK) in 2014. She has made several short films, including THE WILD (2013) and 21,3°C (2014), which were shown internationally in exhibitions and film festivals. Her debut feature DRIFT (2017) was selected in competition at Venice IFCW and screened at a number of festivals worldwide including IFF Rotterdam, FICUNAM and Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Montréal among others. She has been working as artistic research assistant at HFBK since 2015.

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