• Hong Kong
  • 15th edition

13 - 15 March 2017

The Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) is widely recognised as the most important film-financing platform in Asia. The HAF brings Asian filmmakers with upcoming film projects to Hong Kong for co-production ventures with top film financiers, producers, bankers, distributors and buyers. Attracting more than 1,000 filmmakers and financiers from at least 35 countries and regions, around 30 projects are selected annually to participate in the three-day event.

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2017

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Films available for screening until 30th June 2017

HAF Award for Hong Kong Project - IMPOSSIBLE SPLIT by Tom Chung-Sing
HAF Award for non-Hong Kong Project - NARATIVE by Ida Panahandeh
iQIYI’s Special Award - THE PATIENT by Long Yang
The MM2 Award - FORGET YOU, STILL LOVE YOU? by Kenneth Lai Siu-kwan and Paul Sze Pak-lam
HAF/FOX Project Award - DRIFTING LIVES by Danilly Li
Wouter Barandrecht Award, White Light Post-Production Award - LA LUNA by M. Raihan Halim
White Light Work-in-Progress Award - VILLAGE ROCKSTARS by Rima Das
G2D Post-Production Award - I AM A BANANA! by Honey B. Singh
G2D Work-in-Progress Award - THE THIRD WHIFE by Nguyen Phuong Anh
Wutianming Post-Production Award - RAINBOW MOUNTAIN by Degen Yun
Wutianming Work-in-Progress Award - OMOTENASHI by Jay Chern
Paris Coproduction Village Award - THE ASADAS by Nakano Ryota
Network of Asian Fantastic Films Awards - FEMME FATALE by Miyake Kyoko