Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival


Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival is one of the most popular cinema events in Europe. It is also known as the leading industry gathering for short films and emerging film talent. The Festival supports all genres of cinema. Recent productions are showcased in its National, International and Lab competitions.

Grand Prix - GREEN ROMANCE SACD Award for Special Jury Prize, Best French Speaking Animation - SUNDAY LUNCH SACEM Award for Best Original Film Score - IN DEEP WATERS Canal + Award - PLAY DEAD ASCE Award, Press Mention - PARTNER
Fernand Raynaud Award for Best Comedy - MY FIRST ANALYST Best First Film - WHEN YOU HEAR THE BELLS Procirep's Award for Best Producer - COLD COFFEE Special Jury Mention, Telerama Press Prize - THE CHASM Special Jury Mention - ISABELLA MORRA Nikon Prize for Best Photography - THE YELLOW ISLAND

Grand Prix - THE SIMPLE THINGS Special Jury Prize - THE BATHTUB Audience Prize - MADAM BLACK Best Animation Film - LAST DOOR SOUTH Canal + Award - THE HOLE
Special Jury Mention - PANORAMA
European Film Awards Nomination - IN THE DISTANCE
Prix Etudiant de la Jeunesse - BABOR CASANOVA

Granf Prix - EDEN'S EDGE Special Jury Prize - HOTARU Audience Prize - GHOST CELL
Canal + Award - GREENER GRASS
Special Jury Mention - THE REFLECTION OF POWER