Festival des 3 Continents


Every year since 1979 in Nantes, at the end of November, the Festival des 3 Continents offers feature films (fiction and documentaries) from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

This specialisation in geographical terms, a pioneer at the time, does not do justice to the identity of the Festival. It is just one of the elements which gives it life and makes it distinctive, along with passion and curiosity, a taste for discovery and meeting, a love of films from the South and a desire to serve them.

Since it was created, the Festival des 3 Continents has constantly shown a certain flair in its programming. Many tributes have been historical milestones : Raj Kapoor (India) in 1984, Satyajit Ray (India) in 1980, with his complete works in 2006, the New Wave in Argentina as early as 1997 and again in 2002, Melvin Van Peebles (USA) in 1979, Tolomouch Okeev (Kirghistan) in 2002.

The Competition has also had its moments of glory: Souleymane Cissé (Mali) in 1979, Hou Hsiao-hsien (Taïwan) in 1984, Abbas Kiarostami (Iran) in 1987, Wong Kar-wai (Hong-Kong) in 1991, Tsai Ming-liang (Taiwan) in 1993, Jia Zhang-ke (China) in 1998 and many more.

The Festival des 3 Continents has been and remains a place for discovery and meeting, for exchanges and passion.