Sundance Film Festival


The Sundance Film Festival is the largest independent cinema festival in the United States. The Festival comprises competitive sections for U.S. (dramatic and documentary), World Cinema (dramatic and documentary), and NEXT films, as well as a selection of out of competition films. Festival Scope, collaborating with the Sundance Film Festival for the sixth year in a row, will offer its members access to selected films from the following sections: U.S. Documentary Competition, World Cinema Documentary Competition, World Cinema Dramatic Competition, NEXT, Midnight, New Frontier and Spotlight films.

Grand Jury Prize, Open Borders Fellowship Award - OF FATHERS AND SONS
World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award for Acting - THE QUEEN OF FEAR
World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award for Screenwriting - TIME SHARE
Special Jury Award - FAUVE
The Short Film Jury Award: U.S. Fiction - HAIR WOLF
Short Film Grand Jury Prize - MATRIA
The Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction - WOULD YOU LOOK AT HER