Tampere Film Festival


The Tampere Film Festival has been entertaining both local audience and film enthusiasts around the world since 1970. During five days and nights the festival presents a selection of the best short films from Finland and around the world.

International Competition
Best Fiction, Special GBVision Prize - WHEN YOU HEAR THE BELLS Best Documentary - BLOOD BROTHERS
Diploma of Merit (Documentary), Diploma of Merit (GBVision Jury) - 9 DAYS – FROM MY WINDOW IN ALEPPO, MANOMAN Audience Award - SUNDAY LUNCH Diploma of Merit (GBVision Jury) - VICTOR XX, ABOUT A MOTHER
National Competition - Under 30 Minutes
Main Prize -
Special Prize - WURMLOCH
Student Award - HEART OF THE LAND

National Competition - Over 30 Minutes
Main Prize
Special Prize - SEAMSTRESS

Both National Competitions
Audience Award - REFUGEE UNKNOWN